Terry Bradshaw reveals bouts with bladder cancer, skin cancer

During Fox NFL Sunday, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw disclosed some important personal information.

Within the past year, he has had two forms of cancer.

Bradshaw said he was diagnosed in late 2021 with bladder cancer. He received treatment at the Yale University Medical Center, including surgery. “As of today, I am bladder cancer free,” he said.

Bradshaw then said that, earlier this year, he discovered a tumor in his neck. He said it’s a Merkel cell tumor, a rare form of malignant skin cancer. He received treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

“Folks, I may not look my old self, but I feel like my old self,” Bradshaw said. “I’m cancer free, I’m feeling great.”

That’s the best news. And kudos to Bradshaw for sharing his battles. Thousands face cancer every day, and many find hope and inspiration from high-profile individuals who have fought it and beaten it.