3 Date Night Bites On Alberta St.

Looking for a great place to eat on your next date? Look no further than Alberta St. Boasting a plethora of diverse eateries, pubs, and even a tea house, Alberta has everything, even for the picky eater. But what to choose? Don’t worry. We’ve made it easy with Alberta Greenhouses’s top picks for  date night. Here goes:

Pine Street Biscuits

Have an adventure of a meal

There is one very serious consequence to going here on a date. These biscuits will ruin all other biscuits and biscuit sandwich lookalikes for you. One of their top selling biscuits is known as The Reggie. This monstrosity is filled with fried chicken, cheese and bacon. Have I said enough? No? It also has gravy. And if you make it a deluxe, it comes with an egg. This is the kind of breakfast that will keep you full till dinner.

It’s a fun place to take a date that enjoys great comfort food, and there are a few choices that may surprise you as well: The Chatfield has the same fillings as The Reggie, but topped with apple butter. It sounds weird, but tastes amazing. You might steer clear of this Portland favorite if your date is a fussy eater though. It’s not exactly easy to walk out crumb- free and with all your dignity. 😉


Impress your date with good taste

DarSalam is another of our neighbors on Alberta that needs to be experienced in order to truly appreciate how good it is. The lamb kabobs are perfectly cooked, the hummus is creamy and perfect, and the bread accompanying everything really ties it all together.  As you sit, you can take in the Iraqi decor, and appreciate each bite of food as living history.

An amazing end of meal choice is their turkish coffee and a delectable date dessert (no pun intended.) This is the perfect spot for relaxing and really taking the time to enjoy each bite between bits of conversation. This is the kind of place to take someone you really want a deeper connection with. This restaurant has the effect of keeping you there for hours, with their attentive but unobtrusive staff, particularly if you are enjoying a bottle of wine together.

Random Order Pie Bar

Casual nibbles for any time

For a little dessert, or an anytime pie and coffee break, you must go here. The sweet and savory pies are all baked from scratch, and deliver on the perfect, flakey crust. Much of their produce is organic and seasonal, meaning new kinds of pie almost every time you come here. Whether you like your pie bursting with meat and potatoes or filled with fruit, you and your date are sure to find a treat to your liking here.

Order coffee however you like it, and enjoy the different textures presented to you. You can buy pie by the slice here, but you can also buy whole pies by special order. Stop and grab a slice and discuss your plans, have a relaxed conversation and kick your feet up. I’m pretty sure no one who walks in here can walk out without at least trying two different slices. Sharing experiences like this can make for a fun date, while you get to know each other’s preferences even better.
Do you have a favorite restaurant on Alberta? Let us know on Facebook, we always like to hear about the best places nearby!