3 Reasons To Visit Terwilliger Springs This Fall

It’s Beautiful

Nestled in among the trees and not far from Blue River, this day trip is absolutely gorgeous to behold. After all the drive-by scenery you get to take in, the quarter mile trek to Terwilligers warm waters is easy, allowing you to take in the local scenery, and get used to the clothing optional atmosphere, while making a slow transition into a new world.

Your Muscles Will Thank You

After finding the area where the top 3 pools are open, you will see a shack where you can hang your clothing and bags within sight of the soaking area. After you get ready to your comfort level, and trek down to the pools, you might be inclined to move down to the lower pools to avoid the crowd. Before you do, consider the third pool down is the coolest, and brings with it all the water from the above pools.

The second pool is still reasonably warm, and comfortable. The first pool is the hottest, and even when crowded, will provide the relief your muscles have been seeking. Just make sure if  you bring one of our fine products, you consume before or after visiting the pools. No smoking is allowed in the park, and Cannabis is not allowed to be consumed publicly.

You Can Carry The Results Home

After relaxing in the warm waters, and taking an adventure to the cold artesian spring directly next to the first pool, you will feel ever more relaxed. After a long day of driving, etc, the sun is going down, and you will hardly see that one weird exhibitionist dude who came by himself.

Don’t worry. When you leave the healing pools and travel home (or to a comfy hotel) the relaxation will follow you. It differs for each person, but for many, a tingling loss of pain will be the first cue that something has changed. Why do your feet, your hands, your shoulders feel different? That feeling is the absence of pain, and the buzzing of your circulation easily making it to places that have been blocked before.

Have you been to Terwilliger Hot Springs? What was your experience like? Let us know on Facebook, or at our Portland, Oregon location. We can’t wait to see you next time on Alberta!