Four Creative Ways To Re-use Glass Containers

Nothing is sadder than an empty glass jar that once contained your favorite flower inside. Especially where there are many of them, littering your house, your sock drawer, and otherwise. But what to do with all those glass containers? The first option is to recycle them as you would normally, but what if your recycling company doesn’t take your containers? We have some ideas to take turn this disorganized nuisance into something else. Let’s get started!

Fairy Glow Jars

We know, it sounds hard, but it really isn’t! It fact, you only need some glow paint, glue, glitter, and your jars! This will also enhance your experience the next time you consume. If you have quite a few, you might even have an Avatar like effect in your living room or bedroom. How amazing does that sound? Check this link out for tips on making your own! 

Beautiful Lighting

This idea takes a little more work than the last, but it is gorgeous! Make your own little lamps with led lights, and some glass bobbles. If you don’t like the look of the one in the video below, there is another version of this that you can make that uses the “fairy” style leds, and looks like fireflies inside the container. Mix and match colors in different jars for an interesting ambiance to your home, or give them as gifts. Bubble Lamp tutorial.

Make Plates!

If you have access to a kiln (or even have a community one nearby,) you might try using your jars as an interesting new piece of plateware. Much like with wine, and beer bottles, when you place a jar in the kiln, it will flatten out into a plate shape. If your jars are small, as most are, you could combine them together to make a larger piece of glassware, or even make small decorations. For a great video on how to do this effectively, go here. 

Candle Holders

One of the simplest crafts you can do with your leftover jars is a candle holder. Add decoration to the outside that won’t easily burn or melt, and voila. You have fire. There are many, many different ways to do this, so I will leave you to choose the design of your liking, but if you get stuck, youtube has great ideas. 😉

With all of these projects, remember; safety first! Research the kind of materials you are using, and in particular will the plates, as well as any sharp power tools, make sure you are comfortable with the technique, and the tool, or ask an expert if you are unsure of the safety procedures for a project!

Do you have an interesting craft idea for recycling glass cannabis jars? And how about those plastic ones? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!


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