Four Healthy Snacks To Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

Cannabis in Oregon has grown much since recreational legalization. In an area that is focused on local sustainable businesses, foods and products, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs are also picky about something else: their snacks. No usual run of the mill candy bar will do for this kind of cannabis connoisseur. They know that the healthier your body, and the food used to fuel it, the better your cannabis experience.


Pick up a pineapple, some oranges, some berries. Each of these tiny flavor packed treasures will taste even more delicious when paired or contrasted with our strains. For example, pairing Blue Dream with a cup of chopped strawberries and blueberries is a great way to taste and smell the subtle differences in natural flavor.


Tired of Fruit? Try it dried!

Bored with fruit? Try your favorite fruit, dried. Mangoes, when dried become one of the most delicious natural snacks you can find at almost any store. The texture is also soft and chewy, making it a great alternative to chips while you watch your favorite movie, create your art, or enjoy the party in a new way, with exceptional taste.



Pistachios are delicious any time, but when you are elevated, they are mouthwatering. There is just something satisfying about popping open the shells, and exposing the morsel underneath. Just do yourself a favor, leave the difficult one alone. Put them in a dish to think about what they’ve done,or give them to your least favorite friend nearby. Nothing is worse than a pistachio shell that won’t open!


Kale Chips

Kale chips. You’ve seen them at the store, and you’ve wondered, but you’ve never tried them. They are easy to make yourself, and are particularly good with brewer’s yeast,  but they are also simple to pick up at a New Seasons or Whole Foods. Just saying. Crunchy, savory and salty, they are great for the savory minded connoisseur.


What’s your favorite snack while consuming cannabis? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to have more delectable ideas! Like the photo from this blog? Check out more of the photographers work here.