Ogre Kush Profile

An astute customer recently pointed out that our local strain Ogre Kush is particularly suitable for the Spring season. When we laid our eyes on this beautiful strain, we knew we were in for a treat. Ask any patient of Alberta Green House “What is Kush?” and the diversity of responses all led to a single definition: “Phenomenal Cannabis.” It truly leaves a lasting impression as it bursts with flavor from its unique earthy, yet citrusy aroma.

Ogre Kush comes with beautiful dense green bouquets and fiery red pistils. It’s qualities are truly meant for relieving stress and pain as it packs a heavy but calm effect on both the body and mind. Patients in search of a sweet, smooth terpene profile with calming effects on both the body and spirit should look no further, as this Indica-dominant strain provides a powerful medicated experience in making even the severest pain more manageable.

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