Reefer Rolls High CBD Taffy At Alberta Greenhouse

When you first bite into any of the reefer rolls products Alberta Greenhouse carries, the sweet flavor and soft, chewy texture are the first things you notice. The second thing you notice, or rather- don’t notice- is the lack of cannabis taste. A slight astringent aftertaste is the only indicator that you have just consumed a high CBD edible from our Portland Dispensary. For the purposes of this blog an entire Reefer Roll was consumed, containing 6 mg THC and around 72 mg CBD. Within the first two minutes of taking it, you may begin to feel the effects- my body felt more relaxed, and a little distant from me at the same time, a soothing calmness lingering in my forehead and down the back of the spine.

After Five Minutes

The effects of this potent cannabis oil edible become more noticeable. Muscular pain at this point fades into the background. You may find it harder to concentrate on a specific task without constant vigilance. The sensation of energy, and your own blood moving through your body becomes more intense. This product would be perfect for sufferers of gastrointestinal stress, menstrual cramps, headache, and even anxiety.

After A Half Hour

A full body high takes over, leaving little to no pain, tension or otherwise. You are mildly energized, and may feel like stretching, dancing, or even tackling a project you felt too stressed to take on before. Eat with a cup of tea to really up your energy levels, and ease into the relaxation of this CBD-rich edible.

Hour And A Half

There is no pain. There is only relaxation. So much relaxation. This is the ideal time period to really zone into your work, meditate, or even do yoga. At this point you might decide whether to add more THC into your system, or continue with the minimally psychoactive effects of the taffy. Either way, this experience is definitely something to chew on, and savor. Take a moment with yourself, wherever you are. A moment to breath.

Three hours later

As an experienced CBD consumer you may find the physical effects have diminished by this time, however, you  will find yourself happy, glowing and ready to meet the rest of your day, or relaxed enough to pass out for the night. What’s your favorite edible from our Portland dispensary? Let us know on Facebook, or stop by and tell our friendly budtenders all about it!