The CO2 Company Purple Afgani Cartridge At Alberta Greenhouse

Co2 Company Purple Afgani Cartridge

Upon first inspection of your new CO2 Company cartridge, you may be puzzled. This Purple Afgani incarnation looks dark beneath the transparent cartridge container. Taking it out of the little cylinder, you grasp the little rubber bits on the end- and plug it into your ready charged battery. You take the first puff. It is delicious. A grape like terpene lingers in the mouth, as well as an earthy undertone that keeps your reaching for this flavor.

You start to feel a little lighter in your body. Perhaps you have decided to partake of this treat in the morning. Nothing is better for sparking that morning hunger, and beginning a day free of anxieties and stress. This pen is great for anyone beginning to try out concentrates, or even a seasoned connoisseur. For medical patients, or people who consume more regularly, this pen is great for nausea, and has a good energy to it that will keep you productive. The cartridge comes with no couch lag attached.

15 Minute Activation Time

If you find yourself to be unfamiliar with this kind of product, make sure to pay attention to the activation time. Taking a few puffs and then waiting is the best option. Although the THC% is in the 50s, this delicate Co2 Company Cartridge will seduce even the old school cannabis consumer. With beautiful terpenes, and a calming, yet energetic effect, we highly recommend this cartridge. Our budtenders at Alberta Greenhouse rave about it!

Discrete Dosing On The Run

The best part of this product is the portability, combined with the relaxing effects. Imagine running around the house, getting ready for an appointment and needing a quick dose for your headache before running after your Uber. This cartridge can follow you anywhere, and won’t leave you tongue tied, even after a few puffs. The lingering fruit flavor is equally good when paired with a strong cup of tea, or even a healthy smoothie.


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