Three Cannabis Treats To Battle The Blues Of Seasonal Flu

In between your daily tasks of working, eating and otherwise, you may have noticed the leaves are changing. It’s a little colder here in Oregon, and you may have even donned your favorite sweatshirt with a comfortable sigh already. But this season isn’t all pumpkin lattes and apple cider. For many of us, it is time for the seasonal cold. Maybe it just started as a tingle in the throat, a sniffle, a headache that is just a tad out of place. Then, before you know it, and despite your best efforts, you have a full blown cold.

What do you do to treat it? Leave that up to your doctor. But can you feel better while riding out the worst of your symptoms? Yes you can. Time to re-imagine sick day, with all the excitement you can muster as an adult. With the cold sufferers of the local Portland area in mind, here are a list of our best concentrates, and an edible to take the edge off of your seasonal woes.

White Label Extracts Purple Hindu Kush Wax

The strain Purple Hindu Kush is famed for its pain relief properties, as well as the relaxation it can provide for stiff muscles, joints and the like. Relax away from the pain in your body, and take the time to heal, maybe even giving in to an early night. Purple Hindu Kush Wax may not heal your ills, but it will definitely make you feel more comfortable as you go about your day at home.

Dr. Jolly’s Blue Magoo Live Resin

This Live Resin is not to be missed. Blue Magoo is a great Hybrid strain for insomnia, nausea, and pain, and it’s blueberry terpenes are a treat for the taste buds. In Dr. Jolly’s Live Resin, you will find a smooth experience, allowing you to feel as if your pain is simply another sensation. Pair this resin with some local berries from the grocery store, and rest as the healing benefits of the natural world move through you.

Wyld Marionberry Gummies

Marionberry Gummies? Thinking about these soft bites of candy makes the mouth water. Dusted and soft to to the bite, these Indica infused gummies are an amazing way to achieve a body high that might just make you think you are not so sick after all. A simple way to enjoy cannabis, edibles are amazing for pain relief,  especially when you take care to start with a small dose, and wait several hours. Grab a smoothie to enjoy with your new gummies! The combination will make your body feel amazing.

What are your favorite cannabis products when you are under the weather? Let us know on Facebook, or drop by our Alberta Street dispensary in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Like the photo from this blog? Check out more of the photographer’s work here.